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All our basic recommended dance wear for Vestry School of Dance is available to purchase online. PLEASE NOTE recommended not compulsory.

It is still a new function for you so we will be updating as we go.

Please message me if you are unsure of what you need.

The direct link; 

You are welcome to source your own supplier and can use the link as a guide.

Other Dance wear;  not online.

Contemporary Dance……..Leggings and leotard/ t-shirt.

Acro……Leggings/shorts and leotard.

Drama./ Performers.…T-Shirt/Hoodie, jogging bottoms, Jazz trousers, Jazz shoes, plimsoles, Trainers

Ballet shoes;

For children up to Size 5 {Grade 3} can still be ordered and fitted from your teacher as buying online can be difficult with sizing. Please ask your teacher.

T-shirts /Hoodies  Can be ordered directly from your teacher


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