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St John’s Church
(near the Billet roundabout)

18 Brookscroft Road, Walthamstow,
London E17 4LH

Car Park available at front of church

St Patrick’s Catholic Primary School
(near Stoneydown and Blackhorse Rd)

1 Longfield Avenue,
London E17 7DP

Resident’s permit only up to 6.30

South Chingford Foundation School
(near Old Dog Stadium)

Rushcroft Rd, Chingford,
London E4 8SG

Car park available

North Chingford Buxton Rd
United Reform Church

Chingford United Reform Church,
2b Buxton Rd E4 7DP

Limited parking at the front

Trinity United Reform Church
(Orford Rd ‘The Village’)

58 Orford Rd,
London E17 9QL

Resident’s permit only up to 6.30

silver swans
Acrobatic Arts
Robert Grades
Royal Academy