Summer term block 1 finishes on the 27th May and includes 30th April and 2nd May


Toddlers & Tots

DayTimeClassLocationCost for 7 weeks
Monday 11.00-11.45amTots/Creative BalletSt John's Church£42
Monday 1.30-2.15pmTots/Creative BalletSt John's Church£42
Tuesday1.15-1.45pmParent /Toddler Creative BalletBuxton Rd United reform church, North Chingford£42
**NEW**..WednesdayNEW..10.00-10.30amParent and Toddlers classTrinity URC£38
Wednesday10.45-11.30amTots/Creative BalletTrinity URC£42
Wednesday1.30-2.15pmTots/Creative BalletTrinity URC£42
Friday 10.00-10.30amToddlers and Parent class
Age 18mnths 2.5yrs
Trinity URC£38
Friday 11.00-11.30amParent and Toddlers class
Age 2.5yrs plus
Trinity URC£38
Saturday8.45 – 9.15am Toddlers and Parent class
Age 18mnths 2.5yrs
St John's Church
Saturday9.00 - 9.45amBallet 3 yrs plusSouth Chingford foundation school
{near Dog Stadium}
NEW..SaturdayNEW..9.00 - 9.45amBallet 3 yrs plusSt Johns Church£42
NEW ..SaturdayNEW..10.00 –10.30am Parent and Toddlers class
South Chingford foundation school
{near Dog Stadium}
Saturday9.45 - 10.30am
Ballet 3 yrs plusSt Johns Church£42
Saturday9.00 - 10.00am Ballet, Tap and drama 4yrs plussouth chingford foundation school£45
Saturday11.30-12.15pmToddlers class
Age 3-5yrs
south chingford foundation school£42
Saturday12.15-1.00pmToddlers class
Age 3-5yrs
South chingford foundation school£42

Tap & Modern

DayTimeClassApprox ageVenueCost per 7 week block
Tuesday6.00-7.00pmTap/Jazzages 7-10yrsBuxton rd, united reform church
North Chingford
**NEW** Thursday4.30-5.15pmJunior Tap/Jazz Danceages 4-5yrsSt Johns Church£42
**NEW** Thursday5.15-6.00pmJunior Tap/Jazz Danceages 6-8rsSt Johns Church£42
**NEW** Thursday6.00-7.15pmInter Tap/Jazz DanceYear 9-11yrsSt Johns Church£47
Saturday10.30– 11.30amTap/Jazz Dance
Grade 1
6-8yrsSt Johns Church£45
Saturday11.15- - 12.30pmTap/Jazz Dance
Grade 3
9-11yrsSt Johns Church£45
Saturday11.30 - 12.30pmTap/Jazz Dance
Grade 2
8-9yrsSt Johns Church£45
Saturday Full12.30 -1.30pmGrade 4 Tap Dance12yrs plusSt Johns Church £47
Saturday Full1.30– 2.30pmTap Dance
Grade 5
14yrs plusSt John's Church£47

Drama & Performers

DayTimeClassApprox ageVenuePer 7 Week block
Monday3.40-4.40PMMusical TheatreYear 1-3St Patricks School£45
Monday4.40-5.40pmMusical TheatreYear 4-6St Patricks School£45
Tuesday5.00-6.00pmDrama/Musical theatreYear 1-3Buxton Rd, North Chingford, E4£45
Tuesday5.00-6.00pmDrama/Musical theatreYear 4-6Buxton Rd, North Chingford, E4£45
Wednesday4.45-5.45pmDrama/Musical theatreYear 1-4Trinity URC, orford rd£45
Saturday9.00-10.30amJunior Performers
Drama, Singing, Dance
Juniors 6-8yrsSouth Chingford Foundation School{by the old dog stadium}£55
Saturday10.00-10.45amDrama4-5yrsSouth Chingford Foundation School{by the old dog stadium}£42
Saturday10.00-1.00pmTheatre School
Drama, Singing, Dance including Jazz,Tap, Ballet, Flex
6-8yrsSouth Chingford Foundation School{by the old dog stadium}£115
Saturday11.30-4.30pmTheatre School
Drama, Singing, Dance including Jazz,Tap, Ballet, Flex
9-11yrsSt Johns Church£190
Saturday1.30-3.30pmInter Performers
Drama, Singing, Dance
IntersSt Johns Church£115
Saturday2.30-5.30pmsenior Performers
Drama, Singing, Dance
SeniorSt Johns Church£115

Adult Classes

Day TimeClassLocationCost per 7 week block
Monday 7.15-8.15pmBallet beginners/refreshersSt Johns Church£50
Monday7.45-8.45pmBallet/ ImproversSt Johns Church£50
Tuesday7.15- 8.15pmTap Improvers/RefreshersSt John Church£50
Tuesday8.15-9.15pmDance FitnessSt John Church£50
Thursday7.15- 8.30pmContemporarySt John Church£50
Thursday7.15- 8.15pmTap BeginnersSt John Church£50

Contemporary Dance

DayTimeClassApprox ageVenueCost per 7 Week Block
Monday4.15-6.00pmContemporary Dance7-9yrsTrinity URC, Orford rd {the village}£42
Monday6.00-7.00pmContemporary Dance10yrs plusTrinity URC, Orford rd {the village}£45
Thursday5.00-6.00pmContemporary Dance7-11YRSSt Johns Church£45
Thursday6.00-7.15pmContemporary/ Choreographic Dance15 yrs plusSt Johns Church£47
Tuesday6.00-7.15pmSenior Lyrical Dance12-16yrsSt John’s Church £47

Ballet timetable

DayTimeClassAge {approx.}.VenueCost for 7 weeks
**NEW**Monday3.00-3.30pmBalletSt Pats nursery onlySt Patricks school£38.00
Monday4.00 - 4.45pmBallet
4-5yrsSt John’s Church£42.00
Monday4.15 - 5.00pmBallet
Grade 1
St Johns Church£42.00
Monday4.45 - 5.30pmBallet
5-6yrsSt John's Church£42.00
Monday5.00 - 5.45pmBallet
Grade 2
St John's Church£42.00
Monday5.45 - 7.00pmBallet
Grade 5
St Johns Church£47.00
Monday6.45-7.45pmBallet Inter -Foundation12yrs plusSt John's Church£47.00
Monday4.00-5.00pmBallet5-6yrsTrinity URC, Orford rd£45.00
Monday5.00-6.00pmBallet8-10yrsTrinity URC, Orford rd£45.00
Nursery/ReceptionBuxton Rd URC, North Chingford£45.00
Year 1/2Buxton Rd URC, North Chingford£45.00
Grade 1
7yrs plus

Buxton Rd URC, North Chingford£42.00
Grade 2
8-9yrsBuxton Rd URC, North Chingford£42.00
Grade 1
6-7yrsTrinity URC
Grade 2
8-9yrsTrinity URC£45.00
Grade 3
11-13yrsTrinity URC£45.00
**NEW** Wednesday4.00-4.45pmBallet
ReceptionTrinity URC£42.00
**NEW** Thursday4.30-5.15pmBallet/Tap/Modern
Reception/ year 1Trinity URC£42.00
Friday Full3.10-3.55pm FullBallet
St Patricks Children only ReceptionSt Patricks school£42.00
Friday Full3.55-4.40pm FullBallet
Year 1-2 plusSt Patricks school£42.00
Grade 1
Year 3St Patricks school£42.00
Grade 2/3
Year 6 plusSt Patricks school£42.00
ReceptionTrinity URC£42.00
Year 1
Trinity URC£42.00
Grade 1
7yrs plus
Year 2/3
Trinity URC£42.00
**NEW**Saturday9.00– 9.45amBallet
3-4yrsSouth Chingford Foundation School.£42.00
**NEW**Saturday9.00– 9.45amBallet
3-4yrsSt Johns church£42.00
Saturday9.00– 9.45amBallet
5-6yrsSt Johns church£42.00
Saturday FULL9.30 – 10.15amBallet
4-5yrsSt Johns Church£42.00
Saturday FULL9.45- 10.30amBallet3-4yrsSt Johns Church£42.00
Saturday 9.45-10.30amBallet
5-6yrsSt Johns Church£42.00
grade 2
8-9yrsSt Johns Church£45
Saturday FULL10,45am – 11.30amBallet 6-8yrsSouth Chingford Foundation School.£42
Saturday FULL10.45am - 11.30amBallet
3-4yrsSouth Chingford Foundation School.£42
Grade 5
12yrs plusSt Johns Church£47
Saturday11.30-12.15pm Ballet4-6yrsSouth Chingford Foundation School.£42
Saturday12.30pm - 1.30pm Ballet
Grade 2
8-9yrsSt Johns Church£42
Saturday12.30pm - 1.30pm Ballet
Grade 3
9-11yrSt Johns Church£45
Saturday12.15-1.00pm Ballet 4-5yrsSouth Chingford Foundation School.£42
Saturday1.30-2.30pm Ballet
Grade 5
12yrs plusSt Johns Church£47
Saturday2.30-3.30pm Ballet
Grade 6 ballet
14yrs plusSt Johns Church£47
Saturday3.30-4.30pm Ballet
Grade inter
14yrs plusSt Johns Church£47

Acrobatic Arts timetable

DayTimeAgeVenueCost for 7 weeks
Wednesday4.00-5.00pm4-7yrsSt Johns Church£45
Wednesday FULL5.00-6.00pm8-10yrs St Johns Church£45
Wednesday6.00-7.00pm10yrs plusSt Johns Church£45
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