We are offering online classes during this period. PLEASE SEE OUR TIMETABLE PAGE


Online classes up to 7yrs

 Day TimeGenre 
Monday4pmCreative Ballet
Tuesday4pmCreative Ballet
Saturday9.45amCreative Ballet
Saturday10.30amTiny tappers and Mini Groovers

Online classes 7yrs plus

 DayTime Genre 
Saturday 9.45amBallet
Saturday1.30pmMusical Theatre

Online Classes 11yrs plus

Saturday1.30=2.30pmMusical Theatre

Online Classes Seniors 14yrs plus Adults

Monday5.30-6.30PMGrade 5 Ballet
Monday6.30-7.30PMInter Foundation
Monday7.30 -8.15pmAdult Ballet
Saturday 10.30am-11.30pamGrade 5 Ballet
Saturday9.30-10.30amInter/Inter Foundation
Saturday11.30-12.30amLyrical/ Contemporary

Toddlers & Tots

DayTimeClassLocationCost per Term
Without discount
Monday10.15 – 11.00amTots/Creative BalletSt John's Church£73.00
Monday1.15 – 2.00pmTots/Creative BalletSt John's Church£73.00
Wednesday1.45 – 2.30pmTots/Creative BalletTrinity URC£73.00
Friday1.45 – 2.30pmTots/Creative Ballet
St John's Church
Saturday9.00 – 9.30amParents and Toddlers interactive classSouth Chingford Foundation school£65.00
Saturday9.45 - 10.30amTots/Creative BalletSouth Chingford Foundation school£73.00
Saturday10.30 - 11.30amTiny Tappers/Mini GrooversSouth Chingford Foundation school£77.00

Tap & Modern

DayTimeClassYear GroupVenueCost per Term
without discount
Monday7.30 – 8.30pmSenior ModernSeniorsSt John’s Church£80.00
Monday8.30 - 9.30pmSenior Tap SeniorsSt John’s Church£80.00
Saturday10.30 – 11.30amPrimary Tap/Jazz DanceReception/Year 1South Chingford Foundation school£77.00
Saturday10.30 - 11.30amGrade 1/2 Tap/Jazz Dance {Full}Year 2+{Full}£77.00
Saturday10.30 - 11.30amNew Grade 2 Tap/Jazz Dance {Full}Year 4+ {Full}South Chingford Foundation school£77.00
Saturday10.30 -11.30amGrade 3/4 Tap/Jazz DanceYear 5+South Chingford Foundation school£77.00
Saturday12.45– 1.45pmSenior ModernYear 8+St John's Church£80.00
Saturday1.45pm – 2.45pmSenior TapYear 8+St John's Church£80.00

Drama & Performers

DayTimeClassYear GroupVenueplease contact school for Online fees
Saturday11.30-12.30pmJunior DramaYear 1+Onlineplease contact school for Online fees
Saturday12.30-1.30pmDrama Year 3+Onlineplease contact school for Online fees
Saturday12.30 - 3.30pmDramaYear 6+Onlineplease contact school for Online fees
Saturday1.30 - 2.30pmSenior DramaOnlineplease contact school for Online fees
Saturday2.45 - 5.45pmSenior PerformersYearOnlineplease contact school for Online fees

Adult Classes

Day TimeClassLocationCost per Session
Drop in
Monday 7.30-8.15pmBalletOnlineplease contact school for Online fees

Contemporary Dance

DayTimeClassYear GroupVenueCost per Term
Without discount
Wednesday5.00 – 6.00pmContemporary DanceYear 7 +St John’s Church£80.00
Friday5.30 – 6.30pmCreative/Contemporary DanceYear 4+Trinity URC£77.00
Saturday9.45 – 10.45amContemporary DanceYear 10 +St John’s Church£80.00

Ballet timetable

DayTimeClassSchool Year {approx.}.VenueCost per term
without discount
Monday4.00 - 4.45pmBalletNursery/ReceptionSt John’s Church£73.00
Monday4.00 - 4.45pmPrimary BalletReception/Year 1Trinity URC£73.00
Monday4.00 - 4.45pmPrimary BalletYear 1/2St John's Church£73,00
Monday4.45 - 5.30pmPrimary BalletYear 2Trinity URC£73.00
Monday4.45 - 5.30PMNew Grade 1 BalletYear 2/3St John's Church£73.00
Monday5.30 - 6.15pmGrade 1 BalletYear 3/4Trinity URC£73.00
Monday5.30 - 6.30pmGrade 3 BalletYear 6 approx.St John’s Church£77.00
Monday6.30 – 7.30pmSenior BalletYear 10+St John’s Church£80.00
Monday7.30 - 8.30pmAdult BalletSt John’s Church£7.50 per session
Tuesday4.00 - 4.45pmPre Primary Ballet
North Chingford Ballet
Reception/ Year 1Buxton Rd URC, North Chingford£73.00
Tuesday4.00 - 4.45pmPrimary BalletYear 1/2
Trinity URC£73.00
Tuesday4.45 - 5.30pmPrimary Ballet
North Chingford Ballet
Year 2/3Buxton Rd URC, North Chingford
Tuesday4.45 - 5.30pmGrade 1 BalletYear 3Trinity URC£73.00
Tuesday5.30 - 6.15pmGrade 2 BalletYear 4Trinity URC£73.00
Wednesday4.00 - 4.45pm Ballet New ClassNursery/ReceptionTrinity URC£73.00
Wednesday4.00 - 5.00pmGrade 3 BalletYear 7+St John’s Church£77.00
Wednesday6.00 - 7.00pmGrade 4 BalletYear 8 +St John's Church£80.00
Wednesday7.00 - 8.00pmInter FoundationBy Invitation OnlySt John’s Church£80.00
Friday3.45 - 4.30pmBallet Nursery/Reception St Patrick’s School£73.00
Friday4.00 - 4.45pmBallet Year 1/2 Trinity URC£73.00
Friday4.30 - 5.15pmPrimary Ballet Year 1/2 St Patrick’s School£73.00
Friday4.45 - 5.30pmPrimary Ballet Year 2Trinity URC£73.00
Friday5.15 - 6.00pmGrade 1 BalletYear 4+St Patrick’s School£73.00
Friday6.00 - 6.45pmGrade 2/3 BalletYear 6+St Patrick’s School£73.00
Saturday9.00 – 9.30amBalletParent/ToddlerSouth Chingford Foundation school£65.00
Saturday9.00 – 9.45am BalletNursery/Reception
New Class
South Chingford Foundation school£73.00
Saturday9.00 – 9.45amBalletNursery/Reception£73.00
Saturday9.00 – 9.45amPre-Primary Ballet
Reception/Year 1 {Full}South Chingford Foundation school£73.00
Saturday9.00 – 9.45amPrimary Ballet Year 1/2St John's Church£73.00
Saturday9.45 - 10.30amBallet [full]
Nursery/ Reception {Full}South Chingford Foundation school£73.00
Saturday9.45 - 10.30amPre-Primary Ballet
Reception/Year 1South Chingford Foundation school£73.00
Saturday9.45 - 10.30amPrimary Ballet Year 1/2 South Chingford Foundation school£73.00
Saturday9.45 - 10.30pmNew Grade 1 Ballet {Full}Year 2/3+approx {Full}South Chingford Foundation school£73.00
Saturday9.45 – 10.30amGrade 1 Ballet
exam coaching
Year 4+ approxSt John's Church£73.00
Saturday10.30 - 11.30amGrade 2 Ballet exam coachingYear 4+ approx.St John's Church£77.00
Saturday11.30 - 12.30pmNew Primary Ballet .Year 2/3South Chingford Foundation school£77.00
Saturday11.30 - 12.30pmGrade 1 BalletYear 3+ approx.South Chingford Foundation school£77.00
Saturday11.30 - 3.00pmGrade 2 BalletYear 4+ approx.South Chingford Foundation school£77.00
Saturday11.30 - 12.30pmGrade 3/4 BalletYear 5+South Chingford Foundation school£77.00
Saturday11.45am - 12.45pmPre Senior Ballet (grade 5)Year 8+St John’s Church£80.00
Saturday12.45 - 1.45pmInter foundationBy invitation only St John’s Church£80.00
Saturday1.45 - 2.45pmIntermediate BalletBy invitation only St John’s Church£80.00
Saturday2.45 - 3.45pmGrade 7 BalletYear 9+St John’s Church£80.00


SingingPrivate lessons for online face to face can be arranged through the school
By arrangement with school.
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