End of term-22nd July


Updated Vestry timetables

Ballet timetable

DayTimeClassSchool Year {approx.}Venue
Monday4.00 - 4.45pmBalletNursery/ReceptionSt John’s Church
Monday4.00 - 4.45pmPrimary BalletReception/Year 1Trinity URC
Monday4.00 - 4.45pmPrimary BalletYear 1/2St John's Church
Monday4.45 - 5.30pmPrimary BalletYear 2Trinity URC
Monday4.45 - 5.30PMNew Grade 1 BalletYear 2/3St John's Church
Monday5.30 - 6.15pmGrade 1 BalletYear 3/4Trinity URC
Monday5.30 - 6.30pmGrade 3 BalletYear 6 approx.St John’s Church
Monday6.30 – 7.45pmSenior BalletYear 10+St John’s Church
Monday7.45 - 8.45pmAdult BalletSt John’s Church
Tuesday4.00 - 4.45pmPre Primary Ballet
North Chingford Ballet
Reception/ Year 1Buxton Rd URC, North Chingford
Tuesday4.00 - 4.45pmPrimary BalletYear 1/2
Trinity URC
Tuesday4.45 - 5.30pmPrimary Ballet
North Chingford Ballet
Year 2/3Buxton Rd URC, North Chingford
Tuesday4.45 - 5.30pmGrade 1 BalletYear 3Trinity URC
Tuesday5.30 - 6.15pmGrade 2 BalletYear 4Trinity URC
Wednesday4.00 - 4.45pm Ballet New ClassNursery/ReceptionTrinity URC
Wednesday4.00 - 5.00pmGrade 3 BalletYear 7+St John’s Church
Wednesday6.00 - 7.00pmGrade 4 BalletYear 8 +St John's Church
Wednesday7.00 - 8.00pmInter FoundationBy Invitation OnlySt John’s Church
Friday3.45 - 4.30pmBalletNursery/ReceptionSt Patrick’s School
Friday4.00 - 4.45pmBallet Year 1/2Trinity URC
Friday4.30 - 5.15pmPrimary BalletYear 1/2 St Patrick’s School
Friday4.45 - 5.30pmPrimary BalletYear 2Trinity URC
Friday5.15 - 6.00pmGrade 1 BalletYear 4+St Patrick’s School
Friday6.00 - 6.45pmGrade 2/3 BalletYear 6+St Patrick’s School
Saturday9.00 – 9.30amBalletParent/ToddlerSouth Chingford Foundation school
Saturday9.00 – 9.45am BalletPre School/toddlers
New Class
South Chingford Foundation school
Saturday9.00 – 9.45amBalletNursery/ReceptionSouth Chingford Foundation school
Saturday9.00 – 9.45amPer-Primary BalletReception/Year 1South Chingford Foundation school
Saturday9.00 – 9.45amPrimary Ballet Year 1/2St John's Church
Saturday9.45 - 10.30amBalletNursery/ ReceptionSouth Chingford Foundation school
Saturday9.45 - 10.30amPre-Primary Ballet Reception/Year 1South Chingford Foundation school
Saturday9.45 - 10.30amPrimary BalletYear 1/2South Chingford Foundation school
Saturday9.45 - 10.30pmNew Grade 1 Ballet Year 2/3+approxSouth Chingford Foundation school
Saturday9.45 – 10.30amGrade 1 Ballet
exam coaching
Year 4+ approxSt John's Church
Saturday10.30 - 11.30amGrade 2 Ballet exam coachingYear 4+ approx.St John's Church
Saturday11.30 - 12.30pmPrimary Ballet.Year 2/3South Chingford Foundation school
Saturday11.30 - 12.30pmGrade 1 BalletYear 3+ approx.South Chingford Foundation school
Saturday11.30 - 3.00pmGrade 2 BalletYear 4+ approx.South Chingford Foundation school
Saturday11.30 - 12.30pmGrade 3/4 BalletYear 5+South Chingford Foundation school
Saturday11.45am - 12.45pmPre Senior Ballet (grade 5)Year 8+St John’s Church
Saturday12.45 - 1.45pmInter foundationBy invitation only St John’s Church
Saturday1.45 - 2.45pmIntermediate BalletBy invitation only St John’s Church
Saturday2.45 - 3.45pmGrade 7 BalletYear 9+St John’s Church

Creative and Contemporary Dance

DayTimeClassYear GroupVenue
Wednesday5.00 – 6.00pmContemporary DanceYear 7 +St John’s Church
Friday5.30 – 6.30pmCreative/Contemporary DanceYear 4+Trinity URC
Saturday9.45 – 10.45amContemporary DanceYear 10 +St John’s Church

Toddlers & Tots

Monday10.15 – 11.00amTots/Creative BalletSt John's Church
Monday1.15 – 2.00pmTots/Creative BalletSt John's Church
Wednesday1.45 – 2.30pmTots/Creative BalletTrinity URC
Friday1.45 – 2.30pmTots/Creative BalletSt John's Church
Saturday9.00 – 9.30amParents and Toddlers interactive classSouth Chingford Foundation school
Saturday9.45 - 10.30amTots/Creative BalletSouth Chingford Foundation school
Saturday10.30 - 11.30amTiny Tappers/Mini GrooversSouth Chingford Foundation school


DayTimeClassYear GroupVenue
Saturday10.45 – 11.45amPre-Senior FlexibilityYear 8 plusSt John’s

Tap & Modern

DayTimeClassYear GroupVenue
Monday4.45 – 5.30pmTappersReception/Year 1St John’s Church
Monday5.30 – 6.30pmGarde 1 Tap and ModernYear 3 +St John's Church
Monday6.30 – 7.30pmGrade 2 Tap/ModernYear 3+St John’s Church
Tuesday6.15 – 7.15pmSenior ModernSeniorsSt John’s Church
Tuesday7.15 - 8.15pmSenior Tap – SeniorsSt John’s Church
Saturday10.30 – 11.30amPrimary Tap/ModernReception/Year 1South Chingford Foundation school
Saturday10.30 - 11.30amGrade 1/2 Tap/ModernYear 2/Year 3South Chingford Foundation school
Saturday10.30 -11.30amGrade 3/4 Tap/ModernYear 5+South Chingford Foundation school
Saturday12.45– 1.45pmSenior ModernYear 8+South Chingford Foundation school
Saturday1.45pm – 2.45pmSenior TapYear 8+South Chingford Foundation school

Explore & Create, Drama & Performers

DayTimeClassYear GroupVenue
Saturday9.45– 10.30amJunior ActorsReception +South Chingford Foundation school
Saturday9.45 - 11.15amJunior PerformersYear reception +South Chingford Foundation school
Saturday12.30 - 3.30pmInter PerformersYear 3+South Chingford Foundation school
Saturday2.45 - 3.45pmSenior DramaYear 9+St John's Church
Saturday2.45 - 5.45pmSenior PerformersYear 8+South Chingford Foundation school

Street Dance

Saturday12.30-1.30pmStreet DanceAges 6yrs plusSt John's Church


Adult Classes

Day TimeClassLocation
Monday 7.45-8.45pmBalletSt John's Church
Tuesday 7.15-8.15pmTapSt John's Church
Tuesday8.15-9.15pmDance FitnessSt John's Church
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