Summer term block 2 Monday 6th June- Saturday 23rd July

March 24th update


Dear Parents/Carers

I hope everyone is safe and well and trying to adapt to our new hopefully temporary way of life as best as we can.

SOME GOOD NEWS…..A huge congratulations who recently took Royal Academy Ballet exams, once again fantastic results…All Merits and Distinctions. Certificates and mark sheets may take time to arrive, when they do we will contact you.

Here at Vestry we are trying to set up ways of communicating with you.We have set up a Vestry Community private Facebook group for parents, staff and students only:

Miss Tracy has posted some classes and we have already had some photo’s of the children joining in, so a big thank you.

Christian is working on “Christians Challenge” …. songs that he would like the children and students to learn so please keep an eye out for that. He is also going to post his popular Adult tap and adult fitness workout that parents may want to try out.

Miss Becky is hoping to post some work, but is in the vunerable catergory so will do as and when she can.

Miss Sophie is preparing some tap build ups.

Miss Laura is going to post some videos for us.

Miss Ciara is working on some excercises from her bedroom and selecting Drama monologues to learn.

And I am trying to persuade “Gerty the Goose” out of retirement to help me while I’m still in a cast……She’s a little bit shy!

Junior Showcase…..I’m still looking to secure an alternative date but at the moment Theatres are reluctant to commit which is understandable.  BUT THE SHOW WILL GO ON!!!!

All the best and stay safe


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