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Ballet provides the grounding for all styles of dance, be it Jazz, Tap or Contemporary.
Here at Vestry pupils start in our popular pre school Toddlers and Tots classes before moving into graded classes.
Each class is usually based on school years and follow the Royal Academy Of Dance syllabus, for example:

Nursery/Reception/year 1
Pre Primary Ballet

Year 1/2
Pre Primary/Primary Ballet

Year 2 plus

Primary Ballet

Year 3 Plus

Grade 1

Year 4 onwards

Class will depend on age and previous experience, please speak to the school directly for advice.

As the emphasis when children are younger is to nurture fun and enjoyment the pressure of formal exams can at times be overwhelming so for our younger pupils we offer internal awards. Awards are designed to be a preparation into the examination procedure but in a more relaxed manner.

Usually at year 2/3 children start graded work at this point parents/guardians have the option of entering children for Official Academy exams.

In fact throughout your child’s time at Vestry we will always discuss options with you and no child is forced to take examinations, in fact many schools insist that pupils attend at least 2 paid classes per week to prepare for exams, at Vestry we realise that children lead busy and full lives and this is not always possible.

in 22yrs we have entered 1000’s of candidates on 1 lesson per week with fantastic results and if we offer additional coaching classes these are FREE to attend.

If a child does not take an exam for whatever reason then they will not be required to stay in a particular grade. Please remember every child is individual and will learn and develop at different times there are no set rules.

Ballet Timetables

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