Enrolment & fees

How to enrol

  • Click here for a online enrolment form
  • Click here to download the PDF enrolment form
  • You are welcome to bring your child to either watch or take part in their first class.
  • After the first week or two the child should be left to take part in the class.
  • An enrolment form should be completed after the first week if your child wishes to continue classes.
  • At this point you will be invoiced for your term.
  • Uniform will be required after three weeks.


NB if anyone wishes to cancel classes please notify Vestry ASAP to avoid being charged half the term’s fees.

Classes up to Grade 3

Classes up to Grade 3Full Cost5% Discount
30 minute lesson per term57.0054.15 (2.85)
45 minute lesson per term65.00 61.75 (3.25)
60 minute lesson per term69.00 65.55 (3.45)

Classes from Grade 4 and upwards

Classes from Grade 4 upwardsFull Cost 5% Discount
45 minute lesson per term 67.00 63.65 (3.35)
60 minute lesson per term72.00 68.40 (3.60)


PerformersFull Cost5% Discount
Junior Performers (2.5 hours) per term160.00152.00 (8.00)
Intermediate Performers (3 hours) per term190.00180.50 (9.50)
Senior Performers (3 hours) per term 190.00 180.50 (9.50)

Specialist Curricular Classes

Specialist Curricular ClassesFull Cost5% Discount
Contemporary per term 75.0071.25 (3.75)
Classical Academy per term40.00No Discount

Fees are payable at the start of each new term.

Fees are based on a 36 week year, commencing in September and are divided into 3 equal termly payments


Discount is applied by the number of classes attended, either individually or by siblings, at the following rate: 1 class attended per week = 5% 2 – 4 classes attended per week = 10% 5 plus classes attended per week = 15% Academy classes are NOT included in the discount structure. Fees are based on a 36-week year, split into three equal terms. Students starting after the second week of term will have fees individually calculated, without discount. Fees and the discount structure are reviewed regularly and we reserve the right to increase fees, change or withdraw the discount structure, giving a terms notice. In order to keep fees as low as possible fees should be paid within the first week of term. If this should present a problem, please discuss with the Principal. Students starting from the 3rd week of term will have their fees individually calculated.

Terms and conditions:

*A half term’s notice is required when withdrawing your child from class or the relevant half term’s fee or fees will be charged

For enquiries please contact Lyndsey 07933 314415


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