Summer term block 2 Monday 6th June- Saturday 23rd July


Dear All.
We are into our February block, thank you and well done to all those children who have engaged with us over the past month, in fact some children have been with zoom for almost close to a year!!!!!!! They really need a massive clap as they have remained incredibly focused and well behaved throughout.
Also I take my hat off to ALL our parents/carers who are facing very difficult times and having to learn new skills regarding home schooling, as I’m sure you all agree is not an easy job!!!! So well done you.

I want to take time to give a shout out to those parents, carers who are KEY Workers and are facing huge challenges in the workplace, I quite honestly don’t know how you are all managing, but you do, so from me a huge THANK YOU.
The news at times has been very grim and I know I feel at times it will never end but in true theatrical spirit, the show must go and I really believe we will come out of this at the other end.
Having said that for many of us this period of our lives will be tinged with loss and sadness and for those of you affected in this way I’m sending a virtual hug {those of you who know me know this is a rare occurrence!!!}
Moving forwards {again!!} The Vestry teachers remain committed to your children. They have been working tirelessly behind the scenes planning classes and recording /editing videos.

We posted over 70 videos in January and if you used this facility I hope you found them useful…
I suspect classes will remain online into March but we will deal with that at the time and as much as we would love to welcome your children back to live classes I feel that at the moment it is important we remain safe.
Stay safe

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